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Don’t be fooled by the Gratour’s size. It has a customizable seat configuration that can carry up to 8 people and it also has a long wheelbase that gives passengers a generous amount of legroom and cargo space. Integrated fog and daytime running lights give presence during low visibility situations.

The interior is thermally insulated while a separate air conditioning for the front and rear provide a comfortable experience. Safety is also in check with 3-point seatbelts, common and central control lock, and remote control key.

The V5 variant released here in the Philippines is powered by FOTON’s 1.2 L G03 gasoline engine. The Gratour is expected to meet both domestic and commercial needs as a value-packed people mover.

Available in 5 color variants: Amber Bronze, Aurora White, Metallic Silver, Starry Blue, and Space Gray.

Engine G03-1.2L
Displacement 1,206 cc


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