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Tornado 2.5

Engine 4 Cylinder, Turbo Intercooler, Diesel Engine
Displacement 3,500cc
Torque 310N-m/1,800 rpm
Transmission 5-Speed Manual + 1R
Suspension(Front) Non-independent Suspension, Leaf Spring, Telescopic Shock Absorber
Suspension (Rear) Leaf Spring, Non-independent Suspension with Auxiliary Leaf Spring, Telescopic Shock Absorber
Brake System Dual Circuit Pneumatic Drum Brake System
Steering Gear-type Recirculating Ball, Power Steering
Tires/Wheels 7.00-R16 (6+1)
Overall Dimensions (LxWxH) 6,010mm x 1,990mm x 2,280mm
Inner Cargo Body Dimensions(LxWxH) 4,230mm x 1,900mm x 400mm
Wheelbase 3,390mm
Wheel Track (Front/Rear) 1,640mm / 1740mm
Gross Vehicle Weight 4,790kg
Curb Weight 2,160 kg
Payload 2,500 kg
Turning Radius 7.75m
Fuel Tank Capacity 80L
Cab Seating Capacity 3 Seater
Other Features Rivet Frame, Electronic Control Flameout, Hydraulic Clutch with Booster, Adjustable Steering Wheel, Exhaust Brake and Tilting Cab


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